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About us

At Lissy’s Dough and Dairy, we’ve scooped out our niche in town, and we’re proud to be the only Dough and Dairy shop in the Poughkeepsie area. Our unique tested and tried recipes are the result of a father and son’s dedication to creating excellence by the scoop. With a nearly infinite number of dough, dairy, and topping combinations, we’re on an endless mission to craft the best dough you’ve ever tasted. Simply put, we need you to knead our dough! 

Back in the Spoon-Licking Days…

Our unwavering love of cookie dough and dairy treats dates back to when we were kids. Everyone has those nostalgic memories of visiting the local ice cream store, or watching your mother whip up her famous chocolate chip cookies. I would idly sit by and wait for her to finish, so I could savor the taste from the wooden spoon. A few years later I learned licking the spoon probably wasn’t such a good idea (something about E. Coli and salmonella). 

In either case, there is something special about being in the kitchen, and — we won’t waver on this — the cookie dough batter was the best part. When my father and I created Lissy’s (named after my sweet wife), we set out to share this memory with you — without the E. Coli or salmonella. We wanted to transfer our nostalgia and help you create your own connection with your child hood one spoonful at a time.

Today, we create cookie dough specifically crafted to be 100% doughlicious and safe to eat. When we set out, we promised to deliver a unique creation…something that’s anything but cookie cutter. Today, we believe we’ve broken the mold.

What's Better Than Our Batter?

While our site may be full of quips, we’re serious about our dough. Simply put, we hang our hats on the fact that our batter is better. We’ve spent and continue to spend countless hours testing different recipes to figure out what works and what works for better batter. We’re on a constant pursuit of excellence.

Because we expect and demand the best, we only use the highest-quality ingredients from start to finish. We craft homestyle, small-batch cookie dough in a range of signature flavors that are made fresh to order. What’s better than our dough? Nothing…but a scoop of our locally made premium ice cream or a serving of soft serve is pretty close. Best of all, you can top it off with one of our many toppings designed to make your heart and mouth happy.